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In year 2005 we have decided to found company, which would not copy usual stereotype of production firms, but create strong connection of professionals with flawless technology. After years in working operation we can say it was the right choice. We are confident that only by fulfilling growing market demand for high quality can meet our customers needs and we can be able to compete in progressive production enviroment.

We are slovak company with foreign resources. We focus on production and supply of components from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our clients are producers of final products in various market segments, mainly in food processing, agriculture, automobile and railway industry. We produce all our products in our production hall in south of Slovakia. Most of them are exported abroad.

We know that quality of our products is directly related with improvement and education of employees. That is why knowledge development and level of qualification of all people is priority for us and therefore we are able to satisfy challenging international standards and detailed requests of our customers. Stable improvement of production quality, fulfilling strict delivery time limits and continual advancement of processes are cornerstone of our philosophy.

You can find well coordinated team of traders, technologists, purchase specialists, logisticians, quality managers and production line workers in our company. Every team member can rely on stable support of administration office, thanks to which company operates precisely as it should.

Quality of our work comes from professional approach and continual control of production processes. All operations within organisation are recorded and evaluated in quality management system, which is in accordance with up to date specifications and customer requirements.

We believe that success does not come the way of cost reduction at the expense of quality, but with thoughtful employee qualification development and implementation of modern production technologies.We are holders of certificates DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 and EN ISO 9001:2008.